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Hudson Yards NYC: 12 Things To Do And Fun Attractions

The Vessel in Hudson Yards in New York City. (Photo By: Yoav Aziz)
Source : unsplash

Things to do in Hudson Yards NYC are observing the skyline from The Edge and climbing The Vessel. This area is one of the newest neighborhoods in the city.

Located in the north end of Chelsea, this area is home to culture, commerce, and cuisine. With a diverse array of entertainment, shops, and culinary experiences, this is also one of the most expensive neighborhoods in all of NYC. Here are some things to do and places to see in Hudson Yards.

1. Walk The High Line

The color of summer at The High Line. (Photo By: Elizabeth Villalta)
Source : unsplash

Parks in New York City such as The High Line bring a little bit of tranquility to the concrete jungle. It is an elevated walking path and runs from Hudson Yards to the Whitney Museum on Gansevoort Street.

This 1.5-mile-long park was built on a historic freight line. It is free to visit and is filled with small gardens, benches, flowers, and views of the Hudson Yards, river, city, and Chelsea.

2. The Edge Observation Deck

The Edge also has an outdoor space to enjoy a full 360-degree view. (Photo By: David Vives)
Source : unsplash

Want to know the one absolute must-do thing at Hudson Yards? It is visiting the observation deck at The Edge, which gives 360-degree views of the city.

Climbing this iconic building is a thrilling experience on its own. The 700-square-meter glass terrace will not only give you 360-degree panoramic views, but you will also feel the impact of the wind.

It is the highest outdoor sky deck not only in the city but in the whole Western Hemisphere. As it is suspended in mid-air, it gives visitors the feeling of floating in the sky.

3. City Climb

Experience the view unlike anywhere else.
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The City Climb was introduced in late 2021. You will wear a harness and scale the skyscraper's outside to the highest outdoor observation deck in NYC. If you want more adventure, you can lean over the edge to get a real thrill.

To stand on the platform and look out over Manhattan, that too without any walls and glasses, is pretty amazing. If you want the most thrilling view, put it on your New York bucket list.


4. Public Square And Gardens

Afternoon walk at its finest.
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Located in the heart of Hudson Yards, Public Square and Gardens is one of the smartest parks ever built. After strolling around for a bit, you are sure to love the expansive parks and gardens with plenty of shaded outdoor seating.

This square has a commanding centerpiece, a monumental interactive design made to be climbed and explored. Well, most parks come with trees, plants, flowers, and shade; what is so special about this place, you ask? It has jet engines.

5. The Shed

The exterior of The Shed. Photo By: Toa Heftiba
Source : unsplash

The Shed at Hudson Yards is an arts center that hosts several events such as New York Fashion Week. It is also used as a theater and gallery space.

Absolutely a one-of-a-kind space, The Shed has a unique design as it was created to be a cultural institution in New York City. Check out the performance art events and fine art installations here.

6. The Backyard

A season of fun and entertainment at The Backyard.
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Enjoy unlimited outdoor fun at The Backyard. Enjoy outdoor programming from sports watch parties on the Big Screen to weekly DJ Jam sessions.

If you are looking for live entertainment, wellness sessions, or just having fun with family and friends, The Backyard is the go-to place. The Big Screen here is 30 feet long and is free and open to the public. It is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Be it games, series, or tournaments, you can watch everything here.

7. Shop At Hudson Yards

Shop till you drop at HY.
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Hudson Yards' luxurious shopping mall is one of the best places to shop in NYC. The shops and restaurants at Hudson Yards might not be the first place to pop into the head when it comes to shopping, but you will get everything you want here.

With 100 stores and chain brands like Banana Republic, Uniqlo, Sephora, Lululemon, Artizia, H&M, Brooks Brothers, and Madewell, this place does stand out. It also has designer outputs such as Tori Burch, Kate Spade, Dior, Kenzo, Coach, Fendi, and more.

8. The Vessel

Inside The Vessel. Photo By: Nirmal Rajendharkumar
Source : unsplash

The centerpiece of Hudson Yards, The Vessel, is a must-see free place in New York City. Although climbing is not accessible now, the ground-level base is open to the public and completely free.

It is 150 feet tall and offers beautiful views of the Hudson River, Midtown Manhattan, and the Hudson Yards area. This futuristic spiral staircase does look like something that just came out of a science fiction movie. This soaring new landmark is the go-to place to enjoy a new perspective of the city.

9. Grab Some Fresh Coffee

Cardamom Latte and Spiced NOLA at Blue Bottle Coffee.
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Hudson Yards has some amazing coffee places to go to. You can grab some coffee while exploring the area or sit and enjoy the views from the park.

If you want some authentic Australian coffee, Bluestone Lane is the go-to place. They also serve breakfast items such as salmon toast, croissant sandwiches, and more.

10. Try Some Delicious Brunch

Espresso Spritz & Summer Avo Smash at Bluestone Lane 55.
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Brunch and breakfast in Midtown Manhattan are unlike anywhere else in the city. With a wide variety of options, one can choose from many places to enjoy the best food.

If you want dishes with fresh and seasonal ingredients, visit Electric Lemon. Their food is light and clean. They also have an 800-square-foot terrace with amazing views of the Hudson River.

11. Have A Comforting Dinner

Delicious food at Little Spain Market. Photo By: Rey Lope
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After a whole day of shopping and exploring, what better way to relax than a good dinner?

Check out Little Spain Market, a large space fully dedicated to the flavors of traditional Spanish cuisine. It has a ton of stalls where one can savor delicious classics of Spanish cuisine such as tapas, cocas, Spanish cheeses, wines, and more.

12. End The Night With A Drink At The Bar

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Try out some of the best bars and nightclubs in NYC at Hudson Yards. Porchlight specializes in craft cocktails, and their cocktail list is as long as the Hudson River. Also, they serve some mouthwatering southern-style food.

The Gallow Green Rooftop Bar, an urban oasis, is very popular for its drink menu. Small trees, flowers, and shrubs make a cozy nook that is tucked away in the small spaces.