Top 15 San Antonio Restaurants You Should Definitely Visit

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Hey there foodie friends! Get ready to treat your taste buds to the best of San Antonio's culinary wonders. We've rounded up the Top 15 restaurants that are absolute must-tries in this Texan hotspot.

From mouthwatering Tex-Mex to fancy fine dining, we've got the lowdown on where to indulge in the flavours that make San Antonio so special. Join us as we dish out the deets on these awesome eateries that bring the heart and soul of the Alamo City to your plate.

1. Acenar

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This is a top destination for those seeking a modern take on Texas regional Mexican cuisine and also one of the best San Antonio Mexican restaurants Riverwalk. It offers a unique fusion of traditional Mexican flavours and contemporary culinary techniques.

Some of its specialities include Gulf crab tinga tacos, duck tinga chalupas with chorizo, and corn-serrano crepes filled with duck confit. With all these combinations this spot is attracting food lovers.

Address: 146 E Houston St

2. Clementine

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Step into the heart of San's culinary charm at Clementine, a cosy neighbourhood gem curated by a husband-and-wife team. They've been dishing out globally-inspired, seasonal eats with a modern twist.

Fresh ingredients shine in dishes like fried oysters with horseradish ranch, and the warm, art-adorned atmosphere makes it the perfect spot for a laid-back dining experience. Thus, this is one of the San Antonio good restaurants.

Address: 2195 NW Military Hwy

3. Curry Boys BBQ

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Curry Boys BBQ is a must-visit for its unique fusion of Southeast Asian curry and traditional Texas BBQ. This exciting marriage of flavours has captured the hearts of locals and visitors alike, earning it a spot as one of the top places to eat.

The restaurant's signature dishes, such as the brisket smoke show, feature tender slices of smoked brisket slathered with green curry, showcasing the perfect blend of Thai curries and Central Texas barbecue. 

Address: 536 E Courtland Pl

4. J Prime Steakhouse

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This place is one of the San Antonio upscale restaurants because of its modern steakhouse ambience, innovative recipes, and high-quality premium cuts. The restaurant's dedication to using fresh ingredients, preparing its menu in-house daily, and offering a business casual dress code make it an ideal spot for a special night out.

Additionally, the inclusion of live entertainment and private party facilities adds to the upscale atmosphere and makes it a great choice for various events.

Address: 1401 N Loop 1604 W

5. The Guenther House

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The Guenther House is a historic restaurant known for its delectable menu and charming ambience. Specializing in Southern cuisine, the restaurant offers a wide array of dishes, including its famous waffles, buttermilk biscuits, and a variety of breakfast and lunch options.

Furthermore, it is also celebrated for its warm and inviting atmosphere, making it a perfect setting for a leisurely meal or a special occasion.

Address: 205 E Guenther St

6. Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen

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Their menu is a symphony of Gulf Coast and Cajun-inspired delights. Imagine savoring the rich flavors of Drunken Mahi with a bourbon glaze or indulging in the spicy magic of Blackened Opelousas Pasta.

But let's talk about the real star—the seafood. Fresh, flavorful, and straight from the Gulf, each dish celebrates oceanic goodness. Whether it's succulent shrimp or delectable crab, it brings the taste of the coast to your plate that's why this is one of the best San Antonio restaurants seafood.

Address: 76 NE Interstate 410 Loop

7. Bliss

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This place is operated establishment known for its upscale, contemporary American cuisine with an emphasis on seasonal and fresh local ingredients. The menu at Bliss changes frequently, prioritizing creativity and seasonality, and offers a fine selection of charcuterie, artisanal cheeses, and breads.

Bliss has been celebrated for its culinary excellence, genuine hospitality, and unwavering focus on cleanliness and high standards, making it a top choice for special occasions and memorable dining experiences.

Address: 926 S Presa St

8. Biga on the Banks

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Biga on the Banks is renowned for its exceptional hospitality and delectable menu. The restaurant offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with a team that is attentive to diners' needs, knowledgeable, and experienced in providing a memorable dining experience.

Specializing in New American cuisine, it is known for its innovative and creative dishes that showcase the best of seasonal and fresh local ingredients. Savouring a meal with the mesmerizing Riverwalk view is truly a delightful experience, blending dining with enchanting scenery.

Address: 203 S St Mary's St

9. La Panaderia

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This is one of the San Antonio vegan restaurants and eateries that offers a variety of vegan options, making it a top choice for those seeking plant-based fare. The restaurant provides almond milk for coffee and has vegetarian plates on the food menu, with the option to customize dishes to suit vegan preferences.

In addition to its vegan offerings, it is known for its long-cultured bread, fresh sandwiches, desserts, pastries, and cakes, all of which are inspired by Mexican heritage and made with a unique blend of breadmaking techniques.

Address: 8305 Broadway St

10. Paesano's Riverwalk

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This is one of the San Antonio restaurants Italian that is celebrated for its exceptional Italian cuisine and inviting atmosphere. The restaurant offers a blend of traditional and contemporary Italian fare, with a focus on fresh ingredients and bold flavours.

Diners can enjoy a variety of classic Italian dishes, such as the famous Shrimp Paesano, which is a must-try experience. The restaurant's al fresco dining and warm, freshly baked bread add to the authentic Italian experience.

Address: 111 W Crockett St #101

11. Cappy's Restaurant

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Cappy's Restaurant in San Antonio has been a popular spot for upscale, yet casual fine dining. The restaurant is known for its extensive wine list, craft cocktails, and varieties of bourbon, providing a sophisticated atmosphere for diners.

Cappy's serves a mix of traditional and modern American dishes, such as pate, beef tenderloin, and crispy shrimp, and is renowned for its high-quality seafood and steaks, making it a go-to spot for both special occasions and casual nights out.

Address: 5011 Broadway

12. Rosario's

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Rosario's in San Antonio is consistently recognized as one of the best Mexican restaurants in the city, offering a rich 30-year history as a favourite meeting place for locals and visitors. The restaurant's made-from-scratch menu features locally sourced ingredients and a combination of traditional Mexican dishes and original house specialities.

Some popular dishes include savoury shrimp nachos, fresh fish tacos, and ceviche. With its vibrant and authentic dining experience, it is a must-visit spot.

Address: 722 S St Mary's St

13. Tank's Pizza

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This is a popular pizzeria known for its delicious pizza. The restaurant is also notable for being close to the AT&T Center, making it a convenient spot to grab a bite while in San Antonio.

In addition to pizza, it offers a variety of other dishes, including side salads and french fries. The pizzeria has been a Slice partner for years, providing delivery and takeout in the community.

Address: 902 N New Braunfels Ave

14. Magnolia Pancake Haus

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This Haus is a beloved breakfast spot known for its delicious and fluffy buttermilk pancakes, which are considered the "World's Best". Its mission is to create a dining experience so enjoyable that guests can't wait to come back. 

 It offers a variety of breakfast and lunch options, including eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, sandwiches and more. its "Haus Rules" include seating only complete parties, not taking reservations or call-ahead requests, and texting guests when their table is ready.

Address: 10333 Huebner Rd

15. KPOT Korean BBQ & Hot Pot

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This is one of the unique San Antonio Korean restaurants and dining experiences that merges traditional Asian Hot Pot with Korean BBQ flavours. The restaurant has a full bar and a nightlife-like atmosphere. 

The venue offers a variety of meat options, including pork belly, sliced lamb, Spam, and more, and more than 20 vegetable options. Customers can fill the pot with a soup base, and then add sliced meat, seafood, vegetables, and noodles of their choosing. 

Address: 12485 I-10