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Awesome Things To Do In Little Havana, Florida

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Experience Little Havana, the clear essence of Cuba in Miami! More than a neighborhood, it is a warm embrace from the Cuban community, a chance to lose yourself in the rhythm of their lives, and a reminder that life is meant to be savored with gusto.

Explore galleries bursting with colorful art, live music spilling from sidewalk cafes, passionate domino games on park benches, and mouthwatering flavors. So, lace up your dancing shoes, grab your appetite, and prepare to be swept away with these things to do in Little Havana.

Stroll Down Calle Ocho (Eighth Street)

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Exploring Calle Ocho in Florida Little Havana is a lively immersion into Cuban culture. This iconic street features colorful murals, Cuban cafes, cigar shops, and vibrant music. Visitors can savor authentic Cuban cuisine, soak in the rich heritage, and enjoy the energetic atmosphere.

Additionally, the Walk of Fame, celebrating Latin American celebrities, adds to the area's charm. Calle Ocho is a must-see for anyone craving a taste of Cuban culture in Miami.

Explore Domino Park

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Domino Park, or Maximo Gomez Park, is a beloved park in Miami. Older Cuban immigrants gather here to chat, smoke cigars, and enjoy Cuban coffee, which makes this place a must-visit in Little havana.

The park is famous for its domino tables and also honors cultural icons like Willy Chirino and Celia Cruz. It's a great place to experience Little Havana's culture and unique attractions. 

Watch A Show At Manuel Artime Theater

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Attending a performance at Manuel Artime Theater in Little Havana, Miami, FL, is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the area's dynamic cultural scene. The theater, nestled in the heart of Little Havana, hosts a wide range of performances, including dance, theater, opera, and symphonies.

With its sloping floor design, it offers fantastic views for its 839-seat capacity. Moreover, it caters to the local elderly community by providing various cultural activities, film screenings, and affordable events.

Visit Bay Of Pigs Museum

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Exploring the Bay of Pigs Museum gives a special glimpse into the history of the Bay of Pigs invasion. With authentic artifacts and knowledgeable staff, it offers a thorough understanding of this important event.

The museum, supported by the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs, also houses a library. Currently undergoing a $2 million expansion, it aims to enrich its offerings for future visitors. Overall, a trip to the Bay of Pigs Museum is a captivating and educational experience for those intrigued by this historic moment

Explore Futurama 1637 Art Building

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The Futurama 1637 Art Building is a lively center for local artists and art enthusiasts. It features 12 artist studios, giving insight into the area's diverse art scene since 2011. It's also the home of Viernes Culturales, emphasizing its role in promoting local culture.

Visitors can enjoy a range of artworks and interact with artists, making it a must-visit for art lovers and those wanting to experience the area's creative vibe.

Visit The Little Havana Visitor Center

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Visiting The Little Havana Visitor Center offers a convenient starting point for exploring the vibrant cultural hub. Here, visitors can access a wealth of resources including brochures, maps, event calendars, and tours to enhance their experience.

The center also serves as a gateway to specialty tours such as rum tasting, cigar and rum tasting, and Cuban art and cocktails experiences, providing a tailored exploration of the area's rich heritage. Conveniently located, the center welcomes tourists with warmth and hospitality.

Visit Cuban Memorial Boulevard

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Paying a visit to the Cuban Memorial Boulevard is a touching experience. It's a four-block area filled with monuments honoring Cuba's freedom fighters, including the Eternal Torch for the 2506th Brigade and a José Martí memorial.

These memorials honor Cuban and Cuban American icons, making it significant for those interested in Cuban history and culture. Located at the end of Calle Ocho and Southwest 13th Avenue, it's a reminder of the sacrifices made during events like the Bay of Pigs Invasion.

Explore Rooster Alley

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One of the free things to do in Miami, exploring Rooster alley offers an immersive cultural experience filled with vibrant energy and authentic Cuban charm. As you stroll down this lively alley adorned with colorful mural you'll encounter an array of Cuban eateries, cigar shops, and art galleries.

Whether you're admiring the vibrant artwork, chatting with locals, or indulging in delicious Cuban delicacies, the alley provides a glimpse into the heart and soul of Miami's Cuban community.

Visit The Cubaocho Museum & Performing Arts Center

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In Miami's Little Havana, the Cubaocho Museum & Performing Arts Center is a vibrant hub for Cuban culture. It has the largest collection of Cuban art from 1800 to 1956, making it a great spot for art lovers and those interested in Cuban heritage.

Additionally, the center also hosts live music performances and has a top-notch library for research. With its mix of art, music, and culture, it's an exciting place to explore and enjoy.

See The Little Havana Mural

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Located in the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami, the Little Havana Mural is a renowned and enigmatic artwork adorning the Edificio Jose Marti building. Comprising 2,381 distinct elements painted in yellow, blue, and white, the mural sparks speculation about its true meaning.

This iconic mural is a cherished symbol of the neighborhood and attracts visitors who can explore it as part of a street art tour of Little Havana, discovering the vibrant array of artworks that adorn the area.

See Plaza de la Cubanidad

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Plaza de la Cubanidad in Little Havana is a central hub for the city's Cuban community, a vibrant symbol of its rich heritage. Nestled in this lively neighborhood, the plaza offers visitors a glimpse into Cuban culture, with its colorful street art and unique atmosphere.

As part of a cultural tour of Little Havana, exploring the plaza is a must for anyone seeking to immerse themselves in the dynamic spirit of this iconic area.

Visit The Tower Theater

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Situated on 'Calle Ocho' amidst restaurants and cigar factories, the Tower Theater is a historic landmark steeped in significance. It has played a pivotal role in the neighborhood's transformation into a Cuban enclave following the Cuban Revolution.

For many Cuban exiles, the theater served as a gateway to American culture, with movies featuring Spanish subtitles. Renovated in 1931 to reflect the International Style, it serves as a cultural center, offering tours and activities for visitors keen on exploring its rich history and heritage.

Attend Viernes Culturales

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A monthly arts and music festival, Viernes Culturales is held every third Friday. Located on Calle Ocho, it features music, local artists' works, and a free walking tour.

Visitors can explore Futurama Galleries, enjoy live music, and try drinks. Along Eighth St., more music and dancing at spots like Ball & Chain Restaurant & Lounge and Cafe La Trova. Families can enjoy music and discover local art at this vibrant event.

Learn To Roll A Cigar

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Rolling a cigar is an exciting thing to do and a one-of-a-kind experience that reveals the art of cigar making. Many cigar factories and shops in the area provide tours and classes where visitors can learn from master cigar makers.

For instance, Casa Habano offers a tour where guests can observe the cigar-making process and delve into its history and traditions. Learning to roll a cigar is a unique and informative way to explore the area's rich cultural heritage.

Stop At Azucar Ice Cream Company

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A family-owned shop in Little Havana, the Azucar Ice Cream Company is known for its Cuban-inspired flavors. Since 2011, they've been making handmade ice cream and sorbets using fresh, local ingredients.

With flavors like Abuela Maria and Café con Leche (Cuban Coffee & Oreo), there's always something new to try. Open daily, visitors can enjoy a taste of the neighborhood while indulging in unique, locally crafted treats.

Try Cuban Delicacies

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In Little Havana, visitors can enjoy a wide range of Cuban delicacies at famous eateries like Versailles Restaurant, Old's Havana Cuban Bar & Cocina, and El Cristo Restaurant. These spots blend Spanish and Caribbean flavors, offering traditional Cuban dishes and drinks.

Whether you're craving a Cuban sandwich, a cafecito, or various Cuban coffee options, Little Havana's culinary scene promises a delicious and culturally rich experience.

Have A Cafecito & A Pastelito

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Visitors can immerse themselves in a traditional Cuban experience with a cafecito and a pastelito in Little Havana. Renowned destinations like El Exquisito, Versailles, and La Colada Gourmet offer these delicacies, providing an authentic Cuban coffee experience.

These establishments provide visitors and residents with an authentic Cuban coffee experience, allowing everyone to enjoy the rich flavors of Cafecito and the deliciousness of pastelitos in the heart of Little Havana.

Try Salsa Dancing

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Little Havana in Miami is renowned for salsa dancing. Every Thursday night, The Ball & Chain hosts "Little Havana Under the Stars," a weekly event with live Latin music, salsa dance classes, and DJ sets, catering to beginners too.

Similarly, other places to salsa dance include Salsa & Art Studio Miami, 3 Plus 2 Cuban Dance Academy, Miami Baila Dance Studio, and Sasha Dance Academy.