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Unique Things To Do In Key Largo, Florida

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The joy of an unforgettable island-hoping adventure begins here. Key Largo is a tropical paradise where the sun is always shining and the good times roll like gentle waves. 

Imagine island after island strung together like pearls, each offering its own unique charm and laid-back vibes. It's the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of mainland life. Prepared to be swept away by these things to do in Key Largo.

Grecian Rocks

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A half-mile long, this scenic spot is a hotspot for marine life in the beach town. Expect playful schools of colorful fish like angelfish, butterflyfish, and parrotfish darting around the coral. You might even encounter barracudas and stingrays cruising by.

Whether you're a seasoned diver or a curious snorkeler, Grecian Rocks offers something for everyone. The shallow areas are perfect for beginners, while deeper sections challenge more experienced divers. Remember, currents can pick up here, so check conditions before you go.

Dolphins Plus Bayside

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Dolphins Plus Bayside offers swim-with-the-dolphins programs, allowing you to interact with these playful creatures in a  controlled environment. It's an undoubtedly exciting and memorable experience, especially for kids and dolphin enthusiasts.

But there's more than just swimming. They also offer educational programs where you can learn about these Key Largo Florida attractions anatomy, behavior, and conservation efforts. You can even get a behind-the-scenes peek at their care and training facilities

Christ Of The Deep

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While stunning attractions Key Largo spread both above and below the waves, Christ Of The Deep holds a special place in the hearts of divers. It's a bronze statue of Christ mounted on a cement base.

Christ of the Deep is a replica of the original Italian statue submerged in the Mediterranean Sea, serving as a touching reminder of faith and humanity's connection to the ocean. It sits at an approachable depth of around 25 feet, making it accessible to both experienced divers and adventurous snorkelers. 

Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center

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This is the haven for healing. Dedicated staff and volunteers nurse injured and orphaned wild birds back to health, giving them a second chance at soaring through the Florida Keys skies.

Among the things to see and do in Key Largo, watching birds' recovery journey is truly heartwarming. Want to get even closer? Guided tours provide insights into the birds' stories, rehabilitation process, and their vital role in the Keys ecosystem. 

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

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John Pennekamp Coral Reef is a must-visit for water lovers. More than a state park, it's the first underwater park in the United States, teeming with vibrant marine life.

So, what are the things to do at Key Largo recreation park? First thing first, you can immerse yourself in a world of colorful coral reefs and fascinating creatures. Secondly, the park has spacious grounds for tent and RV camping. The sunset view from this park is a must-do Florida thing.

Island Dolphin Care

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This non-profit organization provides life-changing solutions for families and kids with special needs. They aim to offer personalized animal-assisted therapy that uses the natural connection between humans and dolphins to improve lives.

At IDC, you won't find captive dolphins confined to tanks. They care for a resident pod of 8 bottlenose dolphins, providing them with lifelong care and a natural lagoon environment. This ensures the dolphins are happy and healthy, which translates to enriching interactions for participants.

Everglades National Park

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Spanning over 1.5 million acres, Everglades National Park is the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States. There's no shortage of ways to explore this diverse landscape.

Glide through mangrove tunnels on a kayak, hike through sawgrass prairies, or take an airboat ride for a thrilling adventure above the wetlands. Keep your eyes peeled for iconic wild things to see in Key Largo, including alligators, elusive manatees, and over 300 species of birds.

The African Queen

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Featured in the iconic 1950s film starring Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn, The African Queen is the steamboat famous among tourists. Won't you want to sail on this iconic cruise line for your next sightseeing trip?

The cruise takes you through the beautiful canals and waterways of the city, offering stunning views of mangroves, wildlife, and hidden coves. Imagine the gentle breeze carrying the scent of salt air as you soak in the tropical landscapes. Also, you can book it for private events.

The Florida Keys Visitor Center

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More than a visitor center, this is a treasure trove of knowledge and interactive exhibits that will ignite your wanderlust. Step into a vibrant space filled with colorful maps, engaging displays, and friendly staff sharing their ideas on activities to do Key Largo.

This is your one-stop shop for planning your island getaway, from finding the perfect accommodation and activities to discovering local secrets. While Cayo Largo is its home base, they have information on all islands, from Islamorada to Marathon.

Key Largo Fisheries Backyard

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This Key Largo Florida restaurant isn't an ordinary place to indulge in. It's like having a front-row seat to the stunning Florida Keys scenery while savoring fresh seafood straight from the source.

And the surprise doesn't end here! It boasts a market right next door, meaning the seafood on your plate is likely swimming in the ocean mere hours before. Talk about fresh! The menu offers a bounty of local catches, whether you crave lobster, snapper, or juicy shrimp.

Harry Harris Park

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Pack a delicious feast and spread out on one of the picnic tables at Harry Harris Park. Imagine the laughter and chatter as you share sandwiches, snacks, and maybe even a slice of homemade pirate cake! Don't forget the sunscreen and hats!

Besides, you can cast your line in the designated fishing area. The park is conveniently located near John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, offering even more opportunities for diving, snorkeling, and exploring the underwater world.

Spiegel Grove Shipwreck

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Ever dreamed of diving through a real-life shipwreck teeming with colorful fish and coral? Well, the Spiegel Grove Shipwreck might be your sunken treasure!

Stretching an impressive 510 feet, it rests upright on the ocean floor, offering divers and snorkelers an unforgettable underwater adventure. Explore the labyrinthine corridors, peek into the eerie engine room, and imagine the ship's bustling past as you encounter barracudas and playful schools of fish darting around you.

Bungalows Key Largo

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Seeking a romantic escape in Cayo Largo? The 4-star luxury hotel, Bungalows Key Largo, might be the perfect destination for you and your sweetheart.

The hotel offers private retreats nestled amid lush gardens, each with a private soaking tub and stunning ocean views. Ditch the budgeting worries and savor delicious meals, refreshing drinks, and exciting activities all included in your stay. Say goodbye to "who's paying?" and hello to "what can we do next?"

Mangrove Marina

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Whether you're a seasoned liveaboard enthusiast or just seeking a comfortable home base, Mangrove Marina caters! Spacious spot up to 70 feet, while their charming houseboats offer a "home away from home" experience right on the water.

While your boat enjoys its tranquil stay, you won't be left high and dry. The marina boasts amenities, like a pool, a restaurant, and bike rentals. Relax on the poolside with a tropical drink and savor fresh seafood.

History Of Diving Museum

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This non-profit museum is a place to visit in Florida if you want to go back in time to learn the history of diving. The museum showcases over 4,000 years of old-day stories, from ancient techniques to modern scuba gear.

The History Of Diving Museum celebrates the rich diving heritage of the Florida Keys. You'll see equipment used by local pioneers, like "Art" McKee, the "father of modern treasure diving," and explore stories of shipwrecks and underwater discoveries that shaped the region.

Key Largo Parasail

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Key Largo boasts beautiful turquoise waters and diverse marine life, making the aerial perspective extra special. If you want to experience this thrill, look no further than Key Largo Parasail.

Even if you're new to this adventure, the experience and friendly crew focus on you having a comfortable and safe experience. They offer solo, tandem, and even triple rides, catering to different budgets and group sizes.

Key Largo Community Park

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Traveling to the city with your kids? Then, Key Largo Community Park is a perfect spot to keep your whole family busy for the next couple of hours. Is your family sports-minded?

Let loose on the basketball courts or the baseball field, or have a friendly volleyball match. There is a playground with slides, swings, and more for junior visitors. After all that running around, cool off at the Jacob's Aquatic Center, located right next door. It features a splash pad and a zero-depth entry pool.

Ocean Spa At Playa Largo

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Welcome to the place where sea botanicals and modern technology come together, promising a perfect spa bliss. This hidden gem is located in Playa Largo Resort on Overseas Highway.

From the Ocean Spa Fusion massage to the Hydragacial and signature body wraps, the spa offers a wide range of options to cater to different desires. Consider indulging in a spa package if you're looking for a multi-course pampering experience at a potentially discounted price.