From Capitol Hill to Croissants: Breakfast In DC

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Why settle for the one-size-fits-all meal when Washington DC boasts a dizzying array of options from classic American diners to trendy cafes with global flavor twists?

Craving fluffy pancakes and crispy bacon? You got it. Want to start your day with Vietnamese pho or Korean breakfast pancakes? No problem! There's a little bit of everything, and that's the beauty of it. Read on to learn some perfect spots, to begin with a fresh breakfast in DC.

Jimmy T's Place

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Among the breakfast restaurants in Washington DC, Jimmy T's Place has been serving Capitol Hill since 1968. This gem serves traditional American fare for an early meal all day!

They dish up classic favorites like fluffy pancakes, crispy bacon, and perfectly runny eggs, all cooked to perfection. It's the food that warms your soul and fills your belly without any fancy fuss.

Address: 501 E Capitol St SE


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IHOP is a long-standing chain offering American breakfast and dinner fare in Columbia Heights. Indulge in luscious pancakes, crepes, and burgers today and tomorrow, and every day. 

So, what keeps IHOP apart from other breakfast places in Washington DC? This breakfast heaven is open 24 hours at your service. That means you can satisfy your early meal cravings at late night, thanks to IHOP.

Address: 3100 14th St NW

Republic Cantina

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Republic Cantina serves up breakfast tacos with chorizo, black beans, fresh salsa, huevos rancheros sizzling on hot plates, and fluffy chilaquiles perfect for soaking up runny yolks. It's a tastebud trip to Mexico, all before noon!

Mimosas aren't the only game in town! Cantina whips up killer margaritas and Bloody Marys with a spicy kick, perfect for those who like their brunch with a bit of a buzz.

Address: 43 N St NW

Any Day Now

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Any Day Now is like a dual-personality foodie haven that switches gears throughout the day. In the morning, it serves breakfast in Washington DC, followed by a contemporary meal in the day.

No matter the time, caffeine and cocktails are always on the menu. They roast their coffee beans, so you can expect a top-notch cup of joe in the morning, and their creative cocktails are perfect for unwinding after work or enjoying a weekend brunch with a boozy twist.

Address: 2 i St SE

Cornerstone Cafe

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Cornerstone Cafe provides a buffet bar for an early meal and lunch, open from morning to afternoon. The first meal concludes at 10:30 am and is rearranged for the lunch AYCE meal.

You can linger over your coffee, chat with friends, and savor each bite knowing it's been specially prepared for you. Plus, with both classic favorites and unique creations, you're sure to find something to satisfy your morning cravings.

Address: 1501 M St NW Ste 1


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An early meal at Toastique is all about elevated toast and fresh vibes. Lay back and relax while indulging in gluten-bread toast and soaking up the DC sunshine.

Feeling picky? Toastique lets you build top breakfast in DC; toast creation, choosing from different breads, spreads, and toppings. It's like your own personal breakfast playground, perfect for adventurous eaters and picky palates alike.

Address: 764 Maine Avenue SW

Lincoln's Waffle Shop

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Lincoln's Waffle Shop starts early at 6 a.m. This Penn Quarter institution keeps everyone well-fed with something they have on the menu.

Legend at Legendary shop; Abraham Lincoln was a regular here buying waffles with scrambled eggs and bacon every day. While waffles are the main attraction, there's much more to explore. Try their vegetarian omelets and country-fried steak with ginger-spiced brown gravy.

Address: 504 10th St NW

Ted's Bulletin

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Ted's Bulletin takes classic American dishes and gives them a playful twist. The milkshakes infused with unexpected flavors like peanut butter, are second to none.

Weekends at Ted's are all about bottomless mimosas and creative cocktails. Sip on a lavender gin fizz while digging into eggs Benedict or share a pitcher of sangria with friends over a platter of nachos. It's the perfect spot for a lively brunch that lingers into the afternoon. 

Address: 1818 14th St NW

The Market Lunch

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The Market Lunch has been a DC institution for over 40 years, a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Expect a bustling atmosphere, especially on weekends, and a genuine sense of community around the communal table.

Craving pancakes at 3 pm? The Market Lunch has your back. They serve breakfast all day long, so you can satisfy your morning (or afternoon) cravings whenever they strike.

Address: 225 7th St SE

The Coupe

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Call The Coupe an early meal spot, a cafe, a coffee house, or a bar, you won't be disappointed. Starting with a magic java and delicious meal, this place plates up its creations like edible art.

If you're a food adventurer who appreciates creativity and flavor explosions, The Coupe has to be on your radar. Relish exceptional breakfast food Washington DC while you make another memory in the city.

Address: 3415 11th St NW

Donut Run

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Donut Run prides itself on providing 100 % plant-based housemade donuts. It opened its doors in January 2021 and soon earned a mass of loyal customers.

You get a new flavor every time you visit. Make sure to check their official Instagram for the list of upcoming flavors, while mango-coconut, Boston cream, and glazed donut holes are the regular stars. 

Address: 6904 4th St NW

The Visiteur

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The Visiteur is a hidden gem nestled inside the lobby of the luxury hotel Georgetown Marriott. It's not your typical bustling cafe scene but rather a serene oasis in the heart of the city.

The hotel restaurant showcases locally sourced ingredients with unique flavor combinations. The menu might be limited, yet it includes some must-try options, including gourmet tacos, jumbo lump crab cakes, and sandwiches. 

Address: 1221 22nd St NW

Steak 'n Egg

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Steak 'n Egg has been a DC institution since 1993. From residents to students and tourists alike, this place is the hottest joint in town for good mood and good food.

Grilled chicken breast & eggs, Mexican fare, vegetable potato medley, Tennessee scramble, grilled pork chops, the menu goes on and on. Besides, they have world-famous omelets with added vegetables for $1.00.

Address: 4700 Wisconsin Avenue NW

Open City

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Open City is an early risers rejoice! This stop offers the best breakfast in Washington DC, focusing on classic favorites with a gourmet twist.

As the day rolls on, Open City transforms into a brunch haven. Mimosas flow freely, and the menu expands to include juicy burgers, decadent sandwiches, and salads with creative toppings. You can still get your breakfast fix with eggs Benedict or French toast.

Address: 2331 Calvert St NW

Bread Furst

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Bread Furst is famous for its sourdough bread, baked fresh daily with a tangy sweet bite and a satisfyingly crusty exterior. Every loaf is a masterpiece, perfect for toast, sandwiches, or simply savoring on its own.

Beyond bread, their pastry counter is a kaleidoscope of croissants, danishes, muffins, and cookies, all bursting with flavor and creativity. Enjoy seasonal fruit fillings, decadent chocolate ganache, and buttery layers in every bite.

Address: 4434 Connecticut Avenue NW

La Tejana

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La Tejana brings the Tex-Mex breakfast magic with steaming hot, handmade flour tortillas. It's like a flavor explosion in every taco!

Let's face it, mornings are often a scramble. La Tejana gets it. They're quick and efficient, so you can grab your breakfast tacos on the go or settle in for a casual, friendly vibe. The service is always warm and welcoming, making you feel like part of the Tex-Mex family.

Address: 3211 Mt Pleasant St NW

Heat Da Spot Cafe

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Heat Da Spot Cafe serves a perfect blend of American and Ethiopian comfort foods in Columbia Heights. It means customers get a wider variety to choose from.

The family-owned business offers signature dishes like the Ethiopia breakfast combo with scrambled eggs and lentil sambusa. Make sure to order a cup of freshly brewed coffee, exactly what you need to start your morning fresh.

Address: 3213 Georgia Avenue NW

Colada Shop

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Colada Shop begins early at 7:30 a.m. till 10 pm with all-day Cuban dishes, coffee, and more. Seeking breakfast spots DC for a late-morning coffee date or a light pastry share with your sweetheart?

This romantic restaurant is worth a visit! Not only is the food inviting, but it has cute little nooks and crannies with comfy chairs and booths, perfect for cuddling up close. 

Address: 1900 N St NW

Cracked Eggery

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By the name you can guess Cracked Eggery focuses on delicious egg dishes. Beyond eggs benedict, they serve egg sandwiches and tots showcasing their innovative sides.

Crispy tots are a staple, and they come in fun flavors like sriracha ranch and bacon queso. Bored of your typical oatmeal bowl? Here, you can indulge in breakfast bowls with quinoa, black beans, and roasted vegetables.

Address: 1921 8th St NW Suite 110

Bread & Chocolate

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Bread & Chocolate has been serving top-notch breakfast in Downtown DC since 1978. They source the early meal items from their very own bakery and dessert shop. 

Of course, the baked items are the showstoppers, but there's a lot more. Salmon egg benedict, French Country sandwiches, and tuna salad are a few of the other must-try. For young patrons, they have Belgian Waffle, Chocolate Crepe, and Grilled Cheese on the list.

Address: 2301 M St NW